Antoinette was born in December 2013 in Riverside, California, in a family of French Poodles who competed in competitions. She is on the smaller side for a Standard Poodle, at 45 pounds, but she makes up for it by standing on her hind legs when greeting her best human friends (but not while she is on duty as a therapy dog in the PUP Program). Antoinette was always on the "chill" side of the poodle realm, preferring to keep her cool generally speaking, except as previously noted, when greeting her closest people or best dog friends, or when playing ball. An excellent retriever, true to her breed she can catch a tennis ball from practically any angle, and return it to the source. Antoinette will also share a ball with another dog, dropping it for them to take, then barking for them to drop it, since sharing is supposed to be a two-way street.

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She likes all dogs, all adults, and all children, plus anyone else who will rub her ears. Her favorite way of showing affection is to lick ears, whether you are a person, dog pal, or cat friend. Antoinette has been trained to alert her person to unusual noises or sights, and she has very acute hearing and eyesight. One time recently she alerted her person to someone who was standing on top of an adjacent parking structure, looking down at people in an outdoor restaurant area, couched in a dark hoodie. It was an unusual sight, and she let them know that they had been spotted.

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She also likes to go boating, and in particular to go sailing with her bestie, a Labradoodle named Bear. Her favorite position at home is sitting on the patio, in the sun, taking it all in, keeping an eye on the neighborhood.

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