Why Us



Create lasting memories of and with your pups

Let dogs be dogs - chase the ball, dig the hole, catch the stick, run around and be free. That's what they love best, isn't it! And that's what we take pleasure in, watching them live their best free and happy life! Let their infectious energy and unspeakable love and loyalty stay with you for the rest of your days. On your computer, on the walls of your home, as a present to your significant other, or as a surprise album for your kid! I can help you create it all.   

Working with dogs of any kind, being around them and rolling in the grass to get a shot that captures their personality is my dream come true. I could roll on the ground with dogs all day long!

That's why I like to shoot in natural settings, places your dog likes to roam around, that make them happy too, so I can reflect in my shots what you most love about them and their playful and vibrant nature.  However, if your best friend is a little shy, or on the older side (see Senior Session) and prefers to stay in the comfort of your home, I'll work with you to make the experience as pleasurable as possible! 

"My dog is really posh and only likes professional studio portraits" - Oh, fancy dog! No worries, studio portraits are also available!  

In addition to photography, I hold a dog training certification from the Animal Behavior College, and I have extensive experience working with dogs of all shapes and sizes, from pure bred to rescue mutts.

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